How to Jump-Start the Home Selling Process in 6 Steps

How to Jump-Start the Home Selling Process in 6 Steps

  • POWER+
  • 04/12/23

Those familiar with the real estate market know the bottom line: getting your home off the market as soon as possible is ideal. Typically, a listing might stay posted for about six weeks. In a demanding buyers’ market, it might last longer. The real estate market can be complicated and trying, but using thoughtful planning can help you overcome its challenges.

If you’d like to produce a speedy sale, there are techniques to make this happen. Convince people your house is a palace, arbitrate well, follow an exceptional marketing plan, and you’ll see offers quickly. Having a seasoned realtor at your side will also advance the process.

Think about performing these tasks to sell your home swiftly.

Be strategic in pricing

One of the most significant factors in how fast a home sells is its price tag. A figure that is too high will cause buyers to keep walking. A price too low will not engender any profit. Let your veteran realtor help you land at a reasonable price. They will do a comparative market analysis report to aid you in this process. This assessment considers all of your home's specifications to decide its value. Location, square footage, acreage, upgrades, and more go into this formula. The realtor will match these details with comparative properties in your locale and consider what’s trending in the North Scottsdale real estate market. They can observe what similar homes have sold for to predict your outcomes.  Choose the right price, and your listing should go rapidly.

Visual presentation is key

Attract buyers quickly with spectacular curb appeal and indoor staging. The exterior will draw people in with fresh paint, newly planted foliage, and inviting lounge chairs on the porch. Putting up new door knockers or a modern front door would be eye-catching. Power wash, trim the hedges, mow the lawn, and you’ve got a sparkling place people want to tour.

Once inside, buyers will want to see your property as a blank canvas. While strolling through the home, they will have visions of decorating and setting up their belongings. Eliminate clutter, and store away personal items. Giving open-house guests room to fantasize about their new home is essential. Once the house has been emptied, time to clean and decorate. Adding some pieces from local stores would add to the appeal. Place a gorgeous bouquet from a local florist on the coffee table, or hang a regional painter’s work above the couch. Visitors will become attached to the vibrant colors and alluring fragrances. Taking time to spruce up your North Scottsdale home for sale is a worthwhile effort.

Be available for spontaneous showings

Your seasoned real estate agent will usually hold your property's open house and viewings. If you’re interested in speeding up the sales process, being flexible for last-minute tours will help. Not all interested buyers are available or in the area when your open house is scheduled. Therefore, being ready to show them around at their convenience will give you an advantage over other sellers. Buyers will appreciate that you met their needs and might produce an offer more quickly. Opening up your time to show your house could lead to faster results.

Enhance your listing to stand out

Potential buyers are sifting through hundreds or thousands of listings for new homes in North Scottsdale. Using a solid tactic to tempt clicks is crucial here. Professional photographers can help by producing stellar images that make your house shine, and graphic design mavens will be able to put together a 3D tour. Some professionals have even used drones to get unique angles and impressive perspectives of the property. Such videography would allow listing viewers to see the square footage and spacious layout. Have multiple acres surrounding your house? Let the drone record the expansive layout for you. Buyers can see the lakes, colorful foliage, and lush grass next to your home.

Most likely, your realtor has a professional photographer or technological artist in mind, but you could also seek out your own. It’s best to go this route because they know how to use lighting and other visual aspects to emphasize property appeal. Along with great pictures, it’s best to describe why your house is a dream home. Characteristics like state-of-the-art appliances and renovated flooring could be mentioned as highlights.

Harness the latest technological tools

The real estate game now has new tactics due to the popularity of social media. Broadcasting the advantages of your property to a broader audience is possible, and you can guarantee results with a few easy steps.

The first phase is already standard: staging your home and then holding the open house. Once your place is spic and span and you have a crowd of people checking out the property, it’s time to boost the results. Turn the camera on and create a live event! Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms can make these in real-time. This option expands your viewership and increases convenience. Some buyers may have been indisposed that day and would appreciate touring the place from afar.

After the gathering ends, leave it on your social media page. People can come back to the permanent share repeatedly. Buyers who didn’t have time to attend or view the live event can see it when they are ready. Anything posted on social media is shareable, so some may click, like, follow, and spread the word!

Enter the closing phase with intelligence

After you put in the effort to draw in offers, ensure the rest of your selling journey ends in triumph. Buyers will present numerous figures, but not all of them will bring you a profit. Some will have more reliability, as in those asking to pay in cash or who have preapproved mortgages. While you aim to get your house off the market promptly, don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Another aspect of this negotiation will be concessions. Some buyers will ask for certain repairs or upgrades to be performed and will want it written in the purchase agreement. Others may want you to leave your elegant living room set after you move out. If you desire to speed up your sale, you might need to compromise more than you’d like. Consider what sacrifices you can handle and which are out of the question.

Your realtor can help you decide which buyers you should prioritize. With the comparative market analysis still in hand, the agent will know the value of your home and how to navigate the market. Let them know upfront you’re interested in selling fast, and they will help you meet that goal.

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