5 Ways Professional Photography Sells Homes

5 Ways Professional Photography Sells Homes

  • POWER+
  • 12/8/22

If you are getting ready to sell your luxury home, you should be reading up on all of the tips, techniques, and bits of advice that will help you attract as many potential buyers as possible and ultimately bring in the most profit possible. While the list of preparations is long, one of the most important things you must do is hire a professional photographer to present your home to potential buyers in the most elegant way possible.

The real estate landscape has changed dramatically in the digital age, and those who keep up with the trends are the ones who will reap the best deals. To help you make the best possible impression on all of the people who might be interested in buying your Desert Mountain real estate, check out the major ways professional photography helps to sell homes.

Draw in home buyers who start their search online

Home sellers have been making the most of the Internet to maximize the number of potential buyers who can view their properties at their leisure on their laptops, iPads, or mobile phones. This trend has escalated exponentially since the pandemic’s onset, when most home buyers have begun their searches online.

That, in turn, has ramped up the importance to sellers and their real estate agents of using smart techniques to make a great first impression on potential buyers, some of whom might be interested in moving to this desert wonderland from other parts of the country. The more professionally produced photos of your home and all of its desirable features that you present in an online listing will increase their interest and lead them to schedule a private showing and, ultimately, make a top-dollar offer.

A professional photographer can capture the essence of every room and feature in and around your home that buyers will want to see. No one should be taking iPhone photos of their homes anymore, as professional photography is the only acceptable option. Buyers who can view dozens of listings in one sitting will notice the shoddiness of iPhone photos and click through your listing to one that is more appealing.

Sell your home faster

Since home buyers are likely to start their search online these days, the process can move much faster than it did in the pre-digital era. That’s a big reason why it is more critical than ever that your house is among the very first good impressions a potential buyer sees. A listing full of intriguing professional photos can help buyers make their decision quicker, meaning that you can potentially sell your house much faster.

Home listings that use professional photos can sell around 30% faster than listings where homeowners take sub-par photos themselves. The confidence you give a potential buyer with professional photography means they don’t have to take longer to decide if they are seriously interested in your home. Give them that confidence with professionally taken photos and get them interested in your luxury Desert Mountain real estate faster.

Maximize your selling price

Besides helping you sell your home faster, that great first impression you can make on potential buyers can also help you sell for more money. When buyers want to purchase your home faster, they are more confident in paying more for your home. Professional photography helps to show potential buyers exactly what they will be paying for, and it helps them feel more confident in offering more for your home. And when the professional photography you used in your listing results in more parties being interested in buying your home, you can maximize how much you get in return.

Make the most of beautiful natural lighting

The luxury homes in this master-planned golf community on the northern edge of Scottsdale feature stunning natural lighting, which you have enjoyed for years and that potential buyers will want to know about. Most of a luxury home’s natural appeal comes from its combination of elegant design and perfect use of the natural lighting provided by the bright Arizona sunshine.

From brilliant mornings in a spacious kitchen to glowing sunset ambiance in a sitting room, making the most of that natural radiance will help present buyers with the best possible views of your Desert Mountain real estate and make them eager to see it for themselves. A professional photographer is best equipped to capture the full potential of your home’s beautiful natural lighting. When they arrive for the photo shoot, they will know when and how to best capture that glow.

And presenting that ambiance is not just about the lighting inside your home. Professional photography will show off all of the stunning views and vantage points of the surrounding area from your home. A professional photographer will take plenty of images of your well-appointed landscaping, particularly the resort-style backyard with a pool and outdoor kitchen. Plus, a drone shot or two will show the home’s setting in the unique desert landscape nestled into the foothills.

Show of renovations and improvements

Homeowners love to keep their luxury Desert Mountain real estate up-to-date and as comfortable as possible, so you have probably done your fair share of renovations and upgrades in recent years. All of those new features will help you get and keep potential buyers interested in your home and ultimately should help you maximize the amount your home ends up selling for.

From shimmering new countertops to elegant wood floors, or a new lighting piece in your entryway, any upgrades or renovations will best be captured and presented to interested buyers using professional photography. You’ve spent years keeping your home as beautiful as possible, so you should do everything you can to present your hard work to buyers who will appreciate those qualities of your home.

Work with a great agent

When you sell Desert Mountain real estate by using professional photography, you will more than recoup the cost via a top-dollar offer. For other top client services, partner with the experienced agents at POWER+, who are members and live on-site.

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