How to Get Your Home Ready for Professional Photographers

How to Get Your Home Ready for Professional Photographers

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  • 06/7/23

In today’s data-driven real estate market, over 95% of all buyers turn to the Internet at some point when researching available homes for sale. Nearly 60% use social media channels to view home listings, photos, and videos. This is especially true when it comes to North Scottsdale homes, where the luxury real estate market has taken off in recent years, and the number of high-end properties continues to climb.

Once you’ve decided to sell and list your home, you might be wondering: how do I make my home stand out from the crowd? Without a doubt, one of the best ways to attract the maximum number of motivated buyers is to invest in professional photography. Before hiring a photographer, you’ll want to get your home in tip-top shape. Here’s how.

Turn on the lights and turn off the electronics

Nearly 73% of realtors claimed that high-end photos helped them win more competitive listings and sell homes twice as fast as those without high dynamic range (HDR) photos. It’s obvious that if you want to reach an exclusive group of buyers, you’ll need to hire a professional. On the day that you’re expecting your photographers to arrive, turn on all the lights in the home, as this will create lots of light conducive to high-quality photos. At the same time, make sure all appliances and electronics like TVs, fans, and computers are turned off, as they can cause distractions for high-end cameras.

Dust, sweep, and repeat

Before the photographers arrive, ensure that all surfaces are adequately wiped clean and that no dust particles are circulating in the air. Dust motes may be difficult to see with the naked eye, but they can show up quite clearly in digital photos, so do your best to eliminate as much dust as possible. Give some extra attention to the areas of the home that will have a lot of natural light filtering into them, such as large living rooms or airy foyers. Wipe down light fixtures and run over the kitchen counters again with a cotton dish towel to give them a last-minute shine.

Remove pets from the house

While it’s true that pet odor is more important to eliminate than the visual evidence of the pets themselves, you’ll want to do both for your photographers. Clean up the areas of the house they inhabit most frequently, and vacuum any floors or carpets with pet hair. If pet stains exist, hire a professional carpet cleaner to remove any discolorations. On the day your photographers arrive, it’s best to take your pets to the park or house them at a friend’s so they don’t end up in a listing photograph.

Make the bed and adjust the linens and curtains

It’s time to turn your attention to the house's surfaces covered in fabric. You’ll want to ensure all bedrooms are clean and organized in your North Scottsdale home. Make sure all beds are made, nightstands are clutter-free, and pillows have been fluffed. Your goal is to remove as many wrinkles as possible without making the bed seem rigid or uncomfortable. Put new white towels in bathrooms for a clean luxurious look.

Curtains are another area in the home that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be, as buyers typically look at curtains to see if there are any lingering stains or pet dander. You’ll want to de-wrinkle all curtains to ensure each space looks tidy and well-kept. If any curtains have stains or a washed-out look, replace them with new ones. Consider alternating windows with the curtains fully open or partially closed.

Eliminate clutter

The last thing that your professional photographer will want to deal with is working around the minor objects, toys, paper, or books littered around the home. Don’t forget the bathrooms, put away all personal items like toothbrushes, Shampoo bottles in the shower, medicine bottles and hair brushes. If you have glassdoors in the shower make sure it's clean. Put away bathroom rugs as they distract from flooring.  Do your due diligence and declutter the majority of the house (or at least the high-traffic rooms like the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen) before they arrive. Put away any paperwork, countertop appliances, cords, and cables. If your home contains a lot of political or religious imagery, now could be a good time to put those objects aside in order to appeal to a larger group of potential buyers.

Fix up the curb appeal

The exterior of your home will likely be the first area buyers will see when viewing your listing. That makes it doubly important to present the home’s exterior in a visually appealing way. Mow the yard, trim overgrown trees, and straighten hedges to create attractive, clean lines and a clear border. Ensure that all hard surfaces, such as the driveway, sidewalk, fences, and the home's facade, are spotless. Sweep up errant grass clippings and debris from the yard and spread fertilizer a few weeks in advance to ensure your lawn is as green as possible.

Simplify the home’s facade

If you have any extra equipment or materials sitting outside your home, make sure to conceal them before your photographers arrive. These objects could be trash cans, children’s toys, dog toys, car parts, lawn equipment, items used in the pool, or anything else that might distract buyers from seeing an uncluttered view of the home.

Take a look at any outdoor furniture you may have sitting outside. If you notice any damage or staining, consider replacing them or cleaning them professionally. If your fire pit has seen better days, scrub it down. You’ll also want to think about whether or not you want your outdoor grill to be in pictures. If it’s a high-end piece of equipment that adds to the home's appeal, you’ll likely want to include it. Otherwise, it should be concealed.

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Now that you know how to get your home ready for professional photographers, it’s high time that you hire a real estate professional to help you sell your home. If you have any questions about the listing process, want to look at North Scottsdale homes for sale, or are preparing to sell your house in the area, reach out to POWER+, a highly reputable real estate team made of industry experts. They’ll happily provide you with the necessary help or information to begin your real estate journey.

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